Unfinished (in two parts) is an exploration of a singular event and what compelled people to make themselves heard on that particular day. While the Women’s March on Washington was a singular event, the spirit and goals of the movement live on. The reasons why these people marched have, in no way, been solved. They are unfinished. Additionally, this project is unfinished. In the three months I worked, I recorded only a small portion of the hundreds of stories I could tell from this area alone. In order to maintain the integrity of the project and the subjects’ voices, I displayed the three photos of each person rather than editing out a single “perfect image.” Although some images may not be in focus or technically sound, I have not censored a voice. As I tell everyone who sits for me, this project is a collaboration between artist and subject in which that relationship must be pushed to its fullest so the true message can be articulately expressed.